I talk about Information Security with students by public speaking and conducting workshops in different community based conferences.

Public Speaking

1. Speaker @ BeerCon 4 (Spoiler: Audio is way too bad) Presenting talk about The Good, The Bad and The InfoSec Now! ,BeerCon 4, 2022
2. Introduction to Cyber Security for Small Business , WorkHall (5 May, 2020)
3. How to become a Security Researcher? Path and Direction! , TechTalks Online Webinar (16 May, 2020).
4. From Zero to Hero – Journey of vulnerability Identification and Disclosure, Cyber June’gle (28 June, 2020)
5. Panel Discussion on Land Escape of Cyber Security in Pakistan, Devenings (11 July, 2020)
6. Speaker @ DefCon Red Team Village Presenting talk about Journey of Vulnerability Identification and Disclosure, DefCon Red Team Village, 2020
7. Speaker @ BSides New Castle Presenting talk about Vulnerability Disclosure, BSides New Castle, November, 2020
8. Speaker @ DEFCON Worcester Chapter presented talk about Vulnerability Hunting in Android Application, DefCon Worchester Chapter @ July 2020

Training / Workshops

Android Application Penetration Testing, Cyber Hackathon, 2021